Friday, February 8, 2013

Being Real (latest writing prompt)

I'm cutting it down to the wire here getting my writing prompt blog in, but the reality is that all my balls are up in the juggling air and I can't be everywhere those darn balls are going to land.

Just sitting here, I sip my English breakfast tea and look out at the light snow falling that will eventually snowball(pun intended) into the Blizzard of 2013. In reality, we are supposed to get over two feet of snow.
Somewhere between the snow, my kids being home all day, and the baking I'll be doing this domestic goddess is keeping it all in perspective and in the moment.

The reality is while I go along with the present moment, my kids are thinking about lunch at breakfast time.
Honestly, I am not sure what to write,  i know my life is a bouquet of wonderful smelling flowers that wilt, and lose petals after awhile. I'm gonna enjoy the beauty of those buds while they are around, but their scent will forever remain with me.

To be real is is truthful, and I'm as real as I'm going to get. I don't always tell the truth, I don't always do the right thing, but part of being human is making mistakes in which I've learned a lot from over the years.

This is as real as it's going to get. Be you, and strive for your best.

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Ellen Stumbo said...

When I decided on the writing prompt "Being Real" I did not realize how challenging this topic would be. So glad you joined in, and I am now keeping the link-up open till Sundays!