Friday, November 23, 2012

A Multitude of Gratitude!

Thanksgiving Day may have come and gone, but I have done the "what I am grateful for every day" project for a long time. It helps to put everything in perspective and realize I do have something to be happy about.
I have kept notebooks, that are now filled with multiples lines of my musings and my thankfulness towards whatever seemed to have been brought about that particular day. Now, I have my blogs and a platform for my writing of which I will continue to do for the rest of my existence.

Drum roll, please....Here are the ten things I am Grateful for:

  1. Leftovers from Thanksgiving dinner - one slice of bread, turkey slices, stuffing, cranberry sauce, and gravy... Yummy!! Looking forward to having that shortly.
  2. Folgers Vanilla Biscotti flavored k-cups - They were on sale, and I'm glad I decided to buy them. Yummy coffee!!
  3. Getting to sleep very late today. I was up too late last night, but was able to make it up this morning. I haven't slept until 10:15 in a long time.
  4. T.J.'s silliness - Yesterday he test tasted my brownies and said they were not that good, Then when he ate one at his Aunt's house he turned me to and said, "Mom, these brownies are the best!" 
  5. Black clothes  - Thankfully I own very cute shirts and pants that are all black and are also comfortable and some are kind of dressy.
  6. The current vibe in my home. It is quiet, and all my children are busy and getting along. (Knock on wood)
  7. La Cave Suzanne Salon - A plug to the hair salon I go too is well deserved plug! My hairdresser, Kerri, is so nice, and I love how I feel every time I leave there. I am getting all glamoured up today for my big night out tonight to my 25th High School Reunion.
  8. My husband, he is always on this list and no, Turkey sandwiches are not above him literally I am being very random about this. I can be kind of a random jerk (it's the hormones, I swear) to him and he is still just his wonderful self. He has no idea how much I truly appreciate him!
  9. WBRU's Retro lunch hour - "How soon is now" totally trumps Christmas music right now. I love all music, but all other kinds stop at noon every day during the week to hear the Alternative music from the days of my youth.
  10. Being able to remember my crazy dream from last night - what a bizarre one!

Peace, Love and Understanding everyone!

Friday, November 2, 2012

What I look forward to....

I am SO glad I stumbled into Ellen Stumbo's (pun intended) blog as I knew I needed a nudge to help me march on down the writing parade. So, with Anthony, and even my other children, I look forward to the future and see where my kids go, who the meet, what they do with their great knowledge, but most importantly I look forward to every day with them.

However, I know with Anthony's extra chromosome that he will be doing things in his own way. I like to make lists so here is everything I look forward to with my baby.

  • Having great conversations, whether it's signing or talking, we are working on both. However, i can tell he likes many of the things I like - music, people, and books. So, I am hoping for some awesome chats about these things with him. 
  • Seeing him do a Chariots of Fire imitation - a slight jog on the beach, maybe I am beside him, as that is about the fastest I will run as I am not a runner.
  • Knowing if he really is a lefty. He tends to favor his left hand when he is eating or coloring, however, he does use his other hand as well sometimes.
  • Acting, modeling, - he is a total ham and so photogenic, IF he is interested in these things as much as I am (for myself, and him), I will be more than happy to help him get into the entertainment industry.
  • Shopping - I do take him shopping for clothes with me a lot, but I'd love to hear the little dude say whether he likes something i try on and see him pick out his own wardrobe. - My 11 1/2 old loves clothes and is a clothes snob to some extent. He even likes to help pick out MY clothes and he is good at this. I'd love to see him get Anthony all decked out.
  • Each and every day, from here and into the future, I look forward to seeing my children lead happy productive lives. I hope they all find their passions and follow them. Even if it is something not that easily attainable, like acting/modeling, I want to see them try - I will support everything they do!
I am so excited to see where life goes from my whole family and being there for them is top priority. We are all in this together in this journey, and how we live and our attitudes help line the way of the road.. Rocky, smooth, slightly bumpy, it is all going to be together! There will be many roadblocks, and with Anthony, they will be a bit slower, but he will get through those construction sites as well. Can't wait to see where it all takes us!