Friday, January 25, 2013

Speaking up for Anthony

He's a rock star!
On My little guys' behalf, My Ant, who is a hard working little bug, I Speak Up.

Anthony may not be talking like other kids his age or running around in circles(he tends to walk in circles instead), but he is a person, just like the rest of us. We all run on different circuits, choosing when we want to eat, talk, and laugh. So, in his honor, I say, Anthony, like many other children with the extra chromosome, will be chattering away and dashing around like a Pixar character in his own time. So, please don't ask me when he will talk. Maybe if some people would be quiet for awhile they might hear him say, hi or baba. I understand it's just how many start a conversation, and I'm okay with that.

Having Anthony has opened me up a lot - I do speak up more - and I realize that like us people with any form of special needs/disabilities are people. People are people (and Depeche Mode, I need not quote), and we all want the same thing - to be accepted and to not be judged based on our looks, our lifestyle, and in my Ant's case(and many others), an extra chromosome. They didn't ask for that, yet they do the best with it and are amazing people!

I know this is just how the world is, there are lots of ignorant, mean, and downright nasty people.
So I speak up - to everyone -
Insensitivity and cruelty are more horrible than having an extra chromosome could ever be.
To those who abuse the word "retarded" I speak up - well, mostly those who use the word in a derogatory way, especially those that see nothing wrong with saying it when there is a whole community that is trying to help those with special needs be treated more like the rest of us.

I've spoken my piece and Peace out...

Friday, January 18, 2013

At the end of the day....

I rest, I let my mind and body go limp and hopefully if all went as planned, I have a bit of quiet time to relish in.
Don't get me wrong, I love my time with my children and family, but for me, to be better as a person, but mostly a mom, that last hour of my day is my time to decompress. My boys all understand that about me. Mommy needs a time out but it is a different kind of time out.

Although something else I like to end my day with is to do a scan of my day and wonder what I could have differently to help my children be better people.  The same goes for myself, I think back of the day and wonder why I said or did certain things.

At the end of the day, hockey has wrapped up, or we've just watched a movie, and it's time to rest our heads. We all go to sleep wishing for a better day ahead.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Helping others, jello shots & Walmart

At the moment, I am volunteering at the library. For the most part, I just sit here and babysit used (and many look pretty darn good) books that the Seekonk Public Library sells. There are also movies, games, children's books, puzzles, and magazines up for grabs.
I could spend hours just sitting here and reading. Today, I brought my laptop and am doing some writing.  It's probably not the best thing to be doing, but I am usually texting a friend.

However, when there is someone perusing and asking me questions, I am there for them. For me volunteering/helping others is the equivalent of having a few shots of jello injected with vodka or even a good long walk on a beautiful sunny day. Basically, I feel more alive and good about life when I've made some one else's day. The best part about it is I've not just helped someone but I've given them something you can't put a price on - a smile. : )

Monday, January 7, 2013

Why I write

Why do I write? Over the years, the reasons I write have been different, but now, I feel like the true reason is more about how it makes me feel. While it would be nice to get paid for my writing, I am just loving what I do.

It makes me feel happy, busy, less stressed, and lately more writer like. Between The Institute of Writing for Children, Diana Ross(not the singer, but my first editor), Abigail Crocker, 9my second editor, for a short time, but the Patch article was a great experience) and Sarah Erlandson (not an editor but one of my school friends), I have discovered, learned, created, and been compensated for my writing. Diana, if you read this (and I hope you do), you have been a true friend as well as a huge help in my writing. Thank you!

I write because it balances me. So, if I am having an off day, tell me to go do some writing.