Saturday, July 9, 2011

A paid writer

Back in January of this year, I became a paid writer for the Patch. is an online newsletter/local newspaper of sorts that is spreading like wildfire throughout the country. A friend of mine was working on a fundraiser, and the editor. Abigail (who is now my editor - I Love saying that!) for Patch was covering the fundraising event. Editor Abby was looking for local moms to be on the mom's council - we would be given a question every week about being a mom and it is now a weekly article.

My thoughtful friend, Dee, had remembered I am a writer, and when Abby mentioned they are looking for writers for Patch, she informed me of this opportunity. That was the beginning of my writing for profit. My weekly article is called Patch Picks. I have a different topic every week. My most recent article was on local parks for families to visit. Much like my recipe for french toast, I spice it up to make things more interesting. By using my own flair, sense of humor mixed with good advice to go with my selections, I feel proud of every article I do. I am grateful for!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

THE hardest job in the world...

I have been a stay at home mom(SAHM) since 2005. March 12, to be exact. I have days where I feel blessed to be able to stay home and others where it seems more like a job I canit never ever quit. I LOVE my kids so much, and often think that someone else would be better at taking care of them all day. It is so hard to please everybody all the time, not that I try that hard 24/7. It's hard to be around kids all the time. Sometimes I want a break and more than often, especially lately, it's hard to find someone to help me out. My days in the MOM's Club were a huge help. Lately soowas a ave three kids now - aall boys.
Frankie is 10 yrs. old and is going on 27. While he is brilliant,

Saturday, July 2, 2011


I totally forgot I had this blog. As a Stay at home mom, how can i have time to blog?

I will work on it starting this week, even though i officially started this blog in 2007. My two year old is ready for night nights...til next time...