Friday, June 21, 2013

"Love, Marilyn"

Yes, I do love Marilyn Monroe, but the title to this post is the name of a documentary that recently was brought to HBO.

And my dear hubby, told me it was on(As an obsessed fan I did know the existence of this film, just hadn't figured out how to go about viewing it), so I stayed up until the wee hours of the middle of the night to see my favorite movie star honored and quoted by a variety of actors and actresses

Based on collections of letters and other random writings of Norma Jean Baker's days, it's not like any other documentaries I've seen about her. There was no speculation about her death. It was more of a tribute and spotlight on her life.

A few of the people that were on it actually had been close to her so you get to some truly candid words.

I highly recommend it for fans of MM, and for anyone who likes documentaries - it's filmed in an unique way.

A wistful yet playful Marilyn

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

I never thought I....

  • would have a child with Down Syndrome. It's a true blessing to have him in my life, and a lot of other people feel the same way. Every day has an uniqueness of it's own.
  • would find someone who loved me for who I am in every way.
  • have the courage to stand on my own to feet and tell someone exactly what I think of them without any holding back. Albeit, bluntness is generally not my thing. It's a very rare thing, but if something is bothering me that someone said or did, I want to tell them. A true friend and open minded person can handle it. - It's all part of what true friends should be. If you can't be honest with your friends who can you be honest with?
  • open my mind, expand the way I think and feel.
  • would be a mother  and have three sons.
  • could get up and sing in front of a crowd(the crowd is sometimes not that big) and get applauded.
  • have my own business. For a short time in my life, I sold kids' books, I did the best I could, and it lasted almost two years.
  • would be a published writer. My first 'published' work was in The Sun Chronicle, and it was a short essay on what the holidays meant to me. When I got the call that they'd be using my story, I was literally jumping up and down. My co-workers probably thought I looked pretty silly.
  • would meet a celebrity. Okay, so, he's a D list celebrity. but my new found confidence (and the free beers I'd had) had me sashaying over to Michael T. Weiss at the cast party for "Dangerous Laisions" at Huntington Theater in Boston. I can thank my brother for that golden opportunity. Dr. Mike was the first character I saw from Michael T. Weiss, and the best character on Days of our lives at the time I watched it in the late 80s'. So, I got up to him and said Hi, and introduced myself. He shook my hand, and didn't let go. I was in Heaven for about five minutes. Yes, I had an actual conversation with him about his Days' days. He seemed like a very nice man who just happens to be very cute too.
  • would be an aunt - Both my sisters have sons as well, and we are all lucky to have such healthy and handsome boys.
  • would have a natural child birth  - My first childbirth experience resulted in a cesarean section. I didn't think I'd be able to have a natural childbirth - yes totally natural as there was no time for the drugs so I  thank T.J. and Anthony!  (I don't mean that in a sarcastic way either, I am very proud that I did it!