Monday, July 22, 2013

If everyone had a person with Down Syndrome in their life...

  • They would understand that we are all more alike than different - two eyes, two ears, a nose, a mouth, a heart, and a brain.
  • they would smile more
  • they would be forever blessed to know someone that is going against many odds throughout their life. However, the community of  people who Down Syndrome will keep working, preserving, and promoting acceptance of All those who carry an extra chromosome to those who don't.;
  • they would know everyone can be as caring, loving, humorous, and sometimes moody. People with Down Syndrome are people...they have feelings, they laugh, sure they cry sometimes BUT they are not happy all the time. When I talk about my beautiful boy, Anthony, with people I meet throughout the day, some will say, "oh, they are always so happy!" -- c'mon people- we all have our days, and Anthony had a huge meltdown when I took him out of a swimming pool yesterday, and has had many other days where he is mad or sad or just plain exhausted - every one and any one can have a bad day.
  • they would probably want to know more about what Down Syndrome is, therefore, more of us would be further educated and it is always good to learn more.

Friday, July 5, 2013

Karaoke singers - find the right song and it's all good...(well, sort of)

Now, when I do my karaoke gigs, (ha ha and I'm real professional karaoke singer, didn't you know?), I have a set list. There are no songs by sopranos on my list.

Why bother attempting to sing Whitney Houston's rendition of "I was always love you" when you know you can't hit the high notes? So, I stick to the more gravelly sounding female singers like Stevie Nicks, Blondie, Joan Jett, and Janis Joplin. Even my turn at Lita Ford's "Kiss me Deadly" was well received.

I don't want to rain on any one's karaoke umbrella(Ella, Ella), as I know singing is fun if you really like to do it. Plus it makes you feel like a rock star for a small amount of time.  Or maybe you are so drunk that you have decided to join the crowd.
I think if some people made a choice better suited for their voice,  it would all be good...

"Hmmm, is this thing on? I think some Monkees' songs are in order tonight!"

Rock on...

Friday, June 21, 2013

"Love, Marilyn"

Yes, I do love Marilyn Monroe, but the title to this post is the name of a documentary that recently was brought to HBO.

And my dear hubby, told me it was on(As an obsessed fan I did know the existence of this film, just hadn't figured out how to go about viewing it), so I stayed up until the wee hours of the middle of the night to see my favorite movie star honored and quoted by a variety of actors and actresses

Based on collections of letters and other random writings of Norma Jean Baker's days, it's not like any other documentaries I've seen about her. There was no speculation about her death. It was more of a tribute and spotlight on her life.

A few of the people that were on it actually had been close to her so you get to some truly candid words.

I highly recommend it for fans of MM, and for anyone who likes documentaries - it's filmed in an unique way.

A wistful yet playful Marilyn

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

I never thought I....

  • would have a child with Down Syndrome. It's a true blessing to have him in my life, and a lot of other people feel the same way. Every day has an uniqueness of it's own.
  • would find someone who loved me for who I am in every way.
  • have the courage to stand on my own to feet and tell someone exactly what I think of them without any holding back. Albeit, bluntness is generally not my thing. It's a very rare thing, but if something is bothering me that someone said or did, I want to tell them. A true friend and open minded person can handle it. - It's all part of what true friends should be. If you can't be honest with your friends who can you be honest with?
  • open my mind, expand the way I think and feel.
  • would be a mother  and have three sons.
  • could get up and sing in front of a crowd(the crowd is sometimes not that big) and get applauded.
  • have my own business. For a short time in my life, I sold kids' books, I did the best I could, and it lasted almost two years.
  • would be a published writer. My first 'published' work was in The Sun Chronicle, and it was a short essay on what the holidays meant to me. When I got the call that they'd be using my story, I was literally jumping up and down. My co-workers probably thought I looked pretty silly.
  • would meet a celebrity. Okay, so, he's a D list celebrity. but my new found confidence (and the free beers I'd had) had me sashaying over to Michael T. Weiss at the cast party for "Dangerous Laisions" at Huntington Theater in Boston. I can thank my brother for that golden opportunity. Dr. Mike was the first character I saw from Michael T. Weiss, and the best character on Days of our lives at the time I watched it in the late 80s'. So, I got up to him and said Hi, and introduced myself. He shook my hand, and didn't let go. I was in Heaven for about five minutes. Yes, I had an actual conversation with him about his Days' days. He seemed like a very nice man who just happens to be very cute too.
  • would be an aunt - Both my sisters have sons as well, and we are all lucky to have such healthy and handsome boys.
  • would have a natural child birth  - My first childbirth experience resulted in a cesarean section. I didn't think I'd be able to have a natural childbirth - yes totally natural as there was no time for the drugs so I  thank T.J. and Anthony!  (I don't mean that in a sarcastic way either, I am very proud that I did it!

Friday, May 24, 2013

You are trapped in an elevator....

I am sure most people don't want to be trapped in an elevator, but if you were, and you could chose who'd be trapped with you, who would it be?

You can pick three people. One must be a friend, and someone from your past that you haven't seen in years, and someone famous.

My choices -
I am going to go out on a limb here and chose a 'friend' that is in my online list of friends. His name is Justin and just talking to him I can tell we'd somehow get along in a trapped elevator. Plus, we have never met in person. We've been chatting for numerous years through the magic of Internet, and it would be cool just to hang out and to actually see who I've been talking to.

Let's see there are a lot of people from my past, but who would be the one to be lucky enough to be stuck in the lift with me? I have one friend that I lost touch with from junior high/high school that I'd like to catch up with. Her name was Jen, and sitting on the floor of an elevator bringing each other up to date on our lives.

For a famous person, I'm going to have to pick Johnny Depp. While his characters can seem so odd and out there, and sometimes a bit goofy, I highly doubt he is. I'd like to see how he'd react to the scenario of being stuck in an elevator with three people.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Anthony's Smile

Sometimes I wake up with a bit on the grumpy side. Then upon seeing Anthony's smiling face makes me smile and instantly I am transformed.

I'm not saying my other children don't provide the same response when they smile, but they don't have those cute chubby cheeks and an instantaneous laugh to go along with it.
I've seen my lil' Ant make the most unlikely people smile. How can you not when you see this face?
There is something so amazing about seeing an Oscar the Grouch change into an Elmo.

That upside down frown of my baby is a dose of medicine we can all use no matter what the day brings us.  Anthony's smile is infectious, beautiful, contagious... Now there's something that is good to catch...

Anthony's Smile...  : )

Friday, May 10, 2013

Running(a writing prompt) vs. a slight jog

I come from a family of walkers. Running only happens when trying to get out of the rain, or a giant wind or sand storm is heading our way.
Running is something my son, Anthony, with Down Syndrome doesn't do. He will someday, but for now a slight job will suffice. I m not even sure how to get him to move from slight jog to run. That may require some help from  a physical therapist. Or maybe if I put a giant vat of ice cream about ten feet away from him he may run to it?

He Will run. I will slightly jog....