Friday, May 24, 2013

You are trapped in an elevator....

I am sure most people don't want to be trapped in an elevator, but if you were, and you could chose who'd be trapped with you, who would it be?

You can pick three people. One must be a friend, and someone from your past that you haven't seen in years, and someone famous.

My choices -
I am going to go out on a limb here and chose a 'friend' that is in my online list of friends. His name is Justin and just talking to him I can tell we'd somehow get along in a trapped elevator. Plus, we have never met in person. We've been chatting for numerous years through the magic of Internet, and it would be cool just to hang out and to actually see who I've been talking to.

Let's see there are a lot of people from my past, but who would be the one to be lucky enough to be stuck in the lift with me? I have one friend that I lost touch with from junior high/high school that I'd like to catch up with. Her name was Jen, and sitting on the floor of an elevator bringing each other up to date on our lives.

For a famous person, I'm going to have to pick Johnny Depp. While his characters can seem so odd and out there, and sometimes a bit goofy, I highly doubt he is. I'd like to see how he'd react to the scenario of being stuck in an elevator with three people.


Jackie Hennessey said...

You crack me up. Thanks for the laughs, Eileen! Johnny Depp - I think he's on my list too! Hahaha.

Eiluv2Write said...

Thank you Jackie!!! I appreciate your comment.