Friday, May 3, 2013

An amateur artist, some tasty snacks, and a lil' sangria...

Once you are married and have a few sons, daughters, hellions, whatever you chose to call them, the idea of a night out seems pretty awesome. Sometimes an hour off from life is a great escape. So, when I got to spend an entire evening (last night) , with my mom friends, it was like I'd been deserted on an island with Buffalo chicken dip and sangria.

My friend also the hostess for the evening is an artist. She brought out her latest yard sale find, a exorbinent about of wine glasses, and a variety of paints and brushes.
So we all had one glass with sangria and the other glass was our soon to be a piece of art. Suffice to say that a few of my friends are very good artists, then there's me. However, it was more about having fun and catching up on what was going on in our worlds. I actually did have a lot of fun with the paint brush in hand.
To think I did three glasses(shh...the second one is a mother's day gift for the wine connissour of my family whose also my mom), is a feat itself. As the night wore on, with only minimal alcohol consumption, I decided just to have fun and that it wasn't my 7th grade art class.

Sometimes it's the most simple nights that make the best ones! Especially when you are with your friends. :)

This is me with my 'Monet' inspired work. It's supposed to be a tree, but I made the branches way too thick.

This is the first -- Originally I was trying to get it to match my kitchen(yellow, green, and a lil' read) but somehow ended up doing this swirly Charlie Brownish sort of line thing. - I am sure there is some sort of art term, but I'm just making this all up as I go along.
One of my friends thought it seemed sort of Mexican themed...It will be on display on Cinco De Mayo!
Cheers everyone!!!

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