Thursday, May 2, 2013

Part 2 - Anthony's homecoming... My Awesome Anthony!!

Needless to say, I could write about Anthony all day. From those chubby cheeks to the way he climbs my bed as if it's a tower of comfort to which he wants to park himself with a book or two. Hey, that isn't such a bad idea!
Like my other children, bringing him home, brought a certain craziness back to our world as lovely as it had gotten. My husband and myself  both started doing a lot of research and educating ourselves about what Down Syndrome is. It's different. It's a slower life.

Between the internet, books, and meeting other families who had a child with DS, we started learning a lot about it. Also, we were meeting new people who were in that same slower boat as we were.
I have learned so much about what DS since Anthony was born. I'm actually grateful for this amazing life -- the little life, Anthony.
He can make anyone smile, and hams it up a lot.
He's a Rock Star!

He's a budding artist!

He's awesome!! I love you Anthony!! Thank you for being YOU and what you bring into the world.

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