Monday, April 15, 2013

I gotta a fever ..I need a prescription...

and unlike Will Ferrell, it's not for more cowbell.

It's writing... The past few weeks I've been in this funk, feeling much like a dark cloud as followed me around relentlessly. It didn't do me any good, writing does me good - It's my prozac, my ying to the yang, my life's passion outside of my family, movies and music. So how did I get away from it? Well, I'm back...

So, I finally decided I had to sit down with my iced coffee, while the first day of April school vacation is underway, and get back on track. Plus, I felt something about to brim over, much like the boiling water in the pot, and so far this seems to be simmering things down.
It's not like I want to use this blog to vent about the things bothering me or write about my problems that I keep inside my cobwebbed filled head. Slowly the spiders will find another place to house themselves as everything evens out. It's amazing that with just letting the words spill out of my fingertips onto the keyboard and onto the world wide web, I feel a weight lift from me.
The sun is just starting to peek out behind the cloud and things are looking up.

Now I just need to remember to take to the writing daily (maybe even more than once a day if time allows) much like I take my one a day vitamin and allergy medication.

What is your prescription?