Friday, February 3, 2012

Class reunions - go or no go?

Well, it's a few months of my high school graduation which means reunion is this year. It will be my 25th. Reunions are a funny thing, they are kind of like traveling back in time for about five hours, unless the planning committee plans a barage of events for Thanksgiving weekend.
At first glance of reunions, the idea of the 5th reunion being on a boat did not sit well with me, especially since I still had some underlying anger with a certain ex best friend. Would I have pushed her overboard? I can't say for sure.
The 10th was at a hotel in Dedham. It wastrue fiesta a albeit a surreal event but people were really nice. The truth is, I was happy to be there. I was engaged yet recently fired but whatever! I hated that job anyways. It was fun to catch up with old friends and classmates.
The 15th was in Norwood and it was a smaller crowd. I was now a mom to a very handsome 18 month old and showed off with pictures. I was amazed at how many people looked the same and how some had changed so drastically. One person, who I didn't even know in school but I knew who they were looked so different. I won't try the old back handed compliment so I digress. We were all wearing nametags with our senior class pictures on them, and wow, what an amazing change this person had.
However, I looked the same, it was the person inside that emerged and became the opposite of my younger self- happy, confident, and full of life.
The 20th was at the same place my wedding reception was at, Concannons' in Norwood. Oh My God, what a fun night that was! This was by far the best turn out, and I only wish I'd worn better dancing shoes. I now had Frank and T.J. and well, I was pregnant but unfortunately, i lost the baby soon after the reunion. :( . On a positive note, I sort of talked a classmate(from elementary school all the way up to the end of our high school days) into attending the reunion. and he told me he was very glad he had come, he was having the time of his life-at least he looked like he was, but i think he may have quite a few cocktails. I wish I had been up mingling more because I missed a few people that I later saw in pictures.
Reunions aren't for everybody, my husband doesn't go to his and this year we were in England when they had his 25th. I may not still hang out with my old friends but the 20th spawned some new peeps that I try to see once in a while now.
High school reunions are good because you get to get inside a time warp for a night and have fun! So, do you go to your class reunions?