Monday, October 17, 2011

Me vs Food

Food -

Like a friend it lifts me up and makes me feel good. It is always there for you. However, it doesn't talk back, or give hugs, and it can't go out with you to a movie or shopping.

Like an enemy, at least depending on what you are eating, it can creep up on you and make you miserable. Maybe it might be easier to turn away a real enemy as certain foods are hard to resist. It's later on that we might harbor a regret for scarfing down that whole bag of chips.

If you are often reassess what you have eaten all day and regret more than half of it, you are not alone. I have to make a concerted effort to think before I eat at night. - I say to myself, do I really want to undo my whole day? The next day I wake up a little better about myself. Life seems to take on a whole new meaning once you get in the zone to live healthier.

I have periods where I've been really healthy, and at what was a healthy weight for me. (Even my doctor thought so. She checked my BMI and said everything looked great. I was not a slave to the scale then. One thing I did do was make healthier choices for my snacks, exercised a lot, and had a well balanced diet. With the occasional potato skin or brownie sundae thrown in. Plus, I had cut back on alcohol.

I am currently losing the battle and need to get back on top. I am ready! no more "I'll start tomorrow!"