Thursday, February 21, 2013

Before I became a mom(writing prompt)

I could set this up with a bulleted list of what I knew then versus what I know now. However, I chose to use this writing prompt to get up on a soapbox (I promise not to be too preachy), and reminisce about my life before having my sons. So here it goes...

This picture was taken New Year's Eve, 1991 (I met my husband in May of 92)

Before I became a mom my days started later, (yes, even though my kids do sleep in,they don't sleep until noon time), my nights were longer(thanks to the those lazy days haha.) My life was lonely, though. I can remember waiting for my life to start. I'd spend a lot of time alone, working, reading, watching movies that weren't cartoons - basically a lot of ME time. So, before kids, it was all about me.

My me soiree went on for a long time, however, I don't think I appreciated it then as much as I appreciate my little snippets of time from the mom party. It's ironic - when I had all that time, I wasted much of it, and now, I long for that time - it makes me better as a mom. So, those karaoke nights are crucial to my well being!

Honestly, before I came a mom and wife, I didn't know where my future was going. I don't want to make this a depressing blog. I just didn't see myself going anywhere. Meeting my husband started the ball of life rolling, and rolling, and getting closer to me, much like that giant boulder that chased after Indiana Jones. Once you find happiness of any kind, you just want to keep it up and keep it fresh.

The world before kids was scary, but now I have these little extensions of myself and my hubby, and only clowns and spiders scare me. I worry about my boys instead of worrying what I am doing this weekend or if I'll ever find that perfect job. 
Now I have the perfect job, and I'm the happiest I've been in my life. I have time to fry other fish aside from my family and my home. Everything in the pan is everything I've loved since I was a kid. Before I had kids, everything I wrote was fictional therapy. Now I just relish in the time i have and write whatever is on my mind. Blogging certainly helps.
Before I became the mom I am now, I never knew what great friends I'd have. I was typically a lone or had one really good friend. Now, I have the most wonderful supportive friends who are also moms.

It's all good... Everyday is different but the same in a good way, and before I became a mom, I couldn't say that.

Me with my husband, pre marriage, pre kids, in a Boston nightclub's photo booth.


The Trousdell Five said...

How funny that when I started my blog on this subject, it was a bulleted list! I'm glad you chose to use this as a way to reminisce.

Ellen Stumbo said...

I agree, our kids do give us meaning to life like nothing else does!