Tuesday, February 12, 2013

If Time Stopped(writing prompt)

*Either my writing skill is slipping or my weekly writing prompts are becoming more of a challenge,but I'm up for it. So here it goes...*

When I ponder over the idea of if time stopped and automatically think of Jim Croce's "Time in a Bottle". What is the numero uno thing i would do?
Well, if it time stopped, right now, at this moment, I'd be happy. Today started off a little later than most as my three sons all had a delay. My oldest, FT, was promised a ride to the bus stop, and he got it. Just in time for the bus, he safely made it to the end of our street and told me "It's been real, mom." That was a moment were if time had stopped I could just hang in the air with a big smile knowing that I had made my son's day by just giving him a 30 second ride.

If Time had stopped when I woke up, that would not have been so bad as I was the first to wake up at 8:30, yes, 8:30. My children have inherited the "i like to sleep in" gene from me :). From a complete different perspective, the quiet was a beautiful thing. It's almost as if I was a rechargeable battery that was being juiced up.

If time had stopped when my Middle son, TJ, woke up, and had his blanket pulled atop his head so he looked like a Shepard, I'd definitely had scooped it up and placed it my Captain America coffee cup. He was smiley and calm. And what a beautiful although toothless (he lost another tooth last night) smile it was!

If time had stopped when I scooped up my baby, my final child, AJ, that hug would've stuck to me all day like sweet sticky glue. To be stuck together like said glue, would have me wish for time never to start. I could just hold him, feeling those chubby cheeks against my own roundish face, and watch the world, or at least my world, around me.

If time had stopped - with my husband, that might quite possibly be that opportune moment to just be with him ....We tend to take each other for granted, everything but us seems to be on our minds. Embracing, and loving and watching what we've made, My husband and I would just sit back and relish in the the moment.


Ellen Stumbo said...

First of all, I am super jealous about your kids sleeping in. I have always slept in, since I was a kid, which was awesome for my mom. My kids, not so much, they are up and going before 7:00 and I usually put my head under the pillow hoping for just 5 more minutes of slumber :)

You bring up a very great topic, marriage! When kids come, often time we allow our roles as parents to be more important than our roles as spouses, but we need to invest in our marriages!

So glad you joined the prompt! The more you write, the easier it gets :)

Eiluv2Write said...

and the happier this mom is as well!
Thanks for ur comment.