Monday, January 7, 2013

Why I write

Why do I write? Over the years, the reasons I write have been different, but now, I feel like the true reason is more about how it makes me feel. While it would be nice to get paid for my writing, I am just loving what I do.

It makes me feel happy, busy, less stressed, and lately more writer like. Between The Institute of Writing for Children, Diana Ross(not the singer, but my first editor), Abigail Crocker, 9my second editor, for a short time, but the Patch article was a great experience) and Sarah Erlandson (not an editor but one of my school friends), I have discovered, learned, created, and been compensated for my writing. Diana, if you read this (and I hope you do), you have been a true friend as well as a huge help in my writing. Thank you!

I write because it balances me. So, if I am having an off day, tell me to go do some writing.


Alison said...

Yes - some days I just NEED to write too!

Ellen Stumbo said...

If I need to figure out what is going on (my thoughts, my feelings) I need to write!

Eiluv2Write said...

thank u for your comments Ellen & Alison!