Thursday, January 10, 2013

Helping others, jello shots & Walmart

At the moment, I am volunteering at the library. For the most part, I just sit here and babysit used (and many look pretty darn good) books that the Seekonk Public Library sells. There are also movies, games, children's books, puzzles, and magazines up for grabs.
I could spend hours just sitting here and reading. Today, I brought my laptop and am doing some writing.  It's probably not the best thing to be doing, but I am usually texting a friend.

However, when there is someone perusing and asking me questions, I am there for them. For me volunteering/helping others is the equivalent of having a few shots of jello injected with vodka or even a good long walk on a beautiful sunny day. Basically, I feel more alive and good about life when I've made some one else's day. The best part about it is I've not just helped someone but I've given them something you can't put a price on - a smile. : )

My other basic duty here at the library is to greet patrons/guests(met someone from out of state a few weeks ago). Maybe I should hand out happy face stickers as well, or has Walmart cornered the market on that little happy face guy?  I
f I could get paid for doing something like this, that would be as good as a double stuffed Oreo. However, I just relish in this little quiet and social time I have on Thursdays. I like the social part of it because I love to talk.

Some days an elderly (my most frequent customer) person may sit in the chair next to me and talk my ear off. Which I don't mind at all because I like people in general, and helping them is something that is part of my calling in life.  That along with karaoking, writing, and just being a source of sunshine on a very dreary day, is enough for me.

I just had the cutest little 10 month old girl, Abigail, giving me a smile. I only know this because I was chatting with the mom. - another tale from the library to be told in one week... ta ta for now.

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