Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Another NHS Reunion...

Now 25 years have gone by, and the day after Thanksgiving (a popular weekend for high school reunions), the graduation class of 87 from Norwood met up to drink, eat, drink, talk, drink, take pictures in the fun photo booth, drink some more, dance but mostly have fun.

Everyone looked like they were having fun and isn't that what parties should be about? Sure high school was not great for all of us, but like I've learned in the past few years - life is what you make it. 

Hopefully, those classmates that put the shindig together will read this - because I want to personally thank them. Everyone looked like they were having fun. The free color or b&w picture booth was a huge hit with all! So, whoever had that idea, merci beaucoup! (I took French in high school, those are a few of the words I remember).
Like past reunions, the bar area was packed, as people just wanted to stand around and catch up with each other while they threw back their cocktails.

After eating, and lots of catching up, the dancing commenced via 80's and some 70's music.

Wicked Drunk guy in white shirt
The dancing machine I paired up a few times, Terence, was grooving, even with his hurt foot he managed to cut a perfect rug. Cool and very nice, Terence hasn't changed much as a person since grade school but he definitely had some different looks through high school. He is good people. Also got the groove on with my dance club friends from the dance club days.
Cleveland School classmates sighted. The boys from my speech therapy were both there. I honestly can't remember why I was in speech therapy, but I am glad I had a chance to hang out with them once again to catch up and reminisce about our 'Therapist', Mrs. Riolo.
I'd say we all aged very well and our speech is awesome! :) Speaking of aging well, everyone in the Class of 87 looked very well and lots of happy faces. Some I didn't really know in high school all that well, but as I've gotten older, the confident and brave Eileen has emerged. I mingled a lot more than I did at the last reunion, and tried to talk to as many people as I could. 
Here I am with my gal pals from school that I still see now, Jackie and Joyce. and Steve, who I see from time to time when I am in Norwood. Sean, I didn't really know in high school very well, but I talked to him for awhile at the reunion and he is funny and very nice as well.
Reunions are a funny thing - some people go to them, some people chose not each is own I say. When I do go out anywhere I like to have fun, and that I did! Like my mom, I like to flit from people to people just enjoying everything. Life is good...Another reunion come and gone and I'm sure many a mini get together throughout the new year will arrive as well with new and old friends.
Like I learned in Girl Scouts, "Make new friends and keep the old, one is silver and the other's gold."
Totally, fer shure, bitchen time at NHS' Class of 87 reunion! Comments & additional insight reunion are welcome here!

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