Thursday, August 2, 2012

A message brought to you from Me & Anthony

Okay, I have three beautiful boys, but this blog is about Anthony. The day after he was born I was told he had Down Syndrome. The first hearing of this I was scared, for him, for us, and clueless -

How could I not be? My education about the genetic disorder stemmed from watching Corky in "Life goes on", and I had only a few interactions in my life with people who have the extra chromosome. I made one boy's day when I gave him all my coke cans for recycling. Watching him put his gloved hands into a trash barrel I knew he'd appreciate it. So, he was pretty psyched when I gave him two big green bags filled with cans. You'd have thought it was full of Christmas toys by the wide grin on his face.

Wait, this blog is about Anthony and the message I want to spread to everyone I know, and all who read this.  I know we all have opinions and some of us can be ignorant about many things. However, in my encounters with people who are first meeting Anthony or if I am simply announcing his difference from typical kids, I sense the pity they have for me. What do I say? How do you react to something that shouldn't have been said?  My retort - "Don't be sorry." When I would like to say, "You should be the pitied party for asking and my son.Anthony, is healthy, bright, and a good boy. So there is nothing to be sorry for."
And I would do this with a smile so they don't jump over the moving belt strewn with groceries and smack me.  However, I digress. I know deep down they just don't know anything about Down Syndrome. It is not as bad as they make it sound. There are some health issues for some children/adults with it - heart problems are the scariest. Fortunately, Anthony's ticker is in tip top shape.

When I meet other families with children or friends with D.S., they are smiling, and they know - they have done their homework now that they have someone in their world with the 21st chromosome.

My message is simple - educate yourself and those you can never have too much knowledge...

Start here and ask me - Google can't give you the kind of answers I will.

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